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Frequently Asked Questions 2018-02-05T08:10:00+00:00
How much time do I have before my wedding to look for my dress? 2018-02-04T08:07:28+00:00

You should start looking as soon as possible, but a comfortable time frame is around eight months. It is important that the dress arrives a couple of months before your wedding to ensure that there are no manufacturer defects, the color and size are correct, and you leave enough time for alterations.

If I am a size 6 what size dress should I be looking for? 2018-02-04T08:14:45+00:00

If you are a 6, you will most likely be trying on a size 8-10. This is perfectly normal, so don’t be alarmed if you have to go up a couple of sizes. Wedding gown size charts vary from one designer to another, and are totally different than what regular retailers use.

Do I need an appointment to come and try dresses on? 2018-02-04T08:29:37+00:00

You don’t need an appointment to come to try dresses on. However, we advise that if you do your shopping on the weekend there is a chance Tiffany’s Vancouver Bridal will be very busy. Please keep your group to a minimum so we can quickly and efficiently help you find what you are looking for.

How much time should I give myself to come and try dresses on? 2018-02-04T08:30:18+00:00

Give yourself a sufficient amount of time; an hour is usually standard.

How many shades of white are there? 2018-02-04T08:31:22+00:00

This will vary by designer and fabric. Almost all gowns can be ordered in either an ivory or white color, although some other colors may include; dark ivory, oyster/seashell, diamond white, light gold, and blush pink.

Should I order ivory or white? 2018-02-04T08:31:51+00:00

This is entirely your decision. Ivory is typically a safer route to go based on the majority of skin tones we encounter. It tends to be a bit softer and compliments fair skin, whereas white can wash some people out, but really stands out against dark and olive skin color. We like to tell brides that on the day of their wedding people are going to see a white dress no matter which shade you choose.

I waited too long to order my gown, can I purchase a floor sample? 2018-02-04T08:33:06+00:00

You certainly can purchase a floor sample. We have various sizes of stock gowns and will do whatever we have to in order to make the dress fit like a glove.

I found a dress on-line, can I just purchase a less expensive gown over the web? 2018-02-04T08:33:33+00:00

WE ABSOLUTELY DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS! There are hundreds of websites that will either scam you or won’t send you an authentic gown. They are frequently knock-offs and poor quality. If you want an authentic gown that will fit you as it should, then DO NOT purchase online.

When should I come in for my first fittings? 2018-02-04T08:34:22+00:00

Your first fitting will usually be around a month before your wedding date. Be sure to schedule the fitting with our seamstresses a couple of weeks before that.

I found a picture of a dress online but you don’t have it, can I order it through you? 2018-02-04T08:34:42+00:00

If we carry the designer name in our stores then we can certainly order it for you. However, once you have ordered the dress it belongs to you, and the deposit is non-refundable. If you are afraid of purchasing a gown you have not tried on, try on some gowns in the same style/shape. If you find that a particular style consistently looks good on you, chances are the dress you are in love with on-line will look good too.

How much are your gowns? 2018-02-04T08:36:24+00:00

At Tiffany’s Vancouver Bridal our gowns range from $200 – $1600. The average price is $800 – $1000.

How many people should I bring when I come in to try dresses on? 2018-02-04T08:36:45+00:00

Bring as few people as possible with you, and only the ones you really trust will give you an honest opinion. Bringing too many friends and family can be extremely overwhelming, and you’ll have many different opinions swaying you in all sorts of directions.

How do I know that “It’s the one?” 2018-02-04T08:37:41+00:00

You will just know. Not every bride cries, or has that “OH MY GOD IT’S THE ONE” moment. Be sure to pick your favorites and once you’ve found something you like don’t settle for something less than just because you feel like you haven’t tried on enough dresses. This will only cause confusion. Factors to take into consideration when purchasing the right gown are:

Setting of the ceremony and reception

How many people are going to be there and how formal do you want to go


Does it suit your personality?

How the dress will look in photos

The ten commandments (of choosing a gown) are 10 tips that will help you make a decision on a wedding gown that suits your personality, your look, and the setting of your wedding.

( 1 ) Do not shop with a group, shop with just one other person. A committee is always a disaster. Rely on your own judgement and the taste of one other person whom you trust.

( 2 ) Know what you can afford and shop within your limits. It makes the choice too difficult if you try on dresses that are priced far beyond your budget. Know what you plan to spend and shop accordingly.

( 3 ) Have some idea of what you want: long, short, slim line, etc. Nobody knows your figure as well as you do. Do not be talked into a style that does not compliment your figure, or in which you do not feel comfortable.

( 4 ) Do not shop when you are tired.

( 5 ) Wear shoes the height you will be wearing on your wedding day. The gown is likely to be made to order and length is important.

( 6 ) Understand your own figure type. Know your figure has flaws or parts of your body about which you may be sensitive. Be aware of these things when you choose styles to try on.

( 7 ) Think about how you want to wear your hair. It impacts the type of sleeve and neckline you might choose.

( 8 ) Know whether ivory or white is best with your skin tone & type. Try them both on…some people look great in both.

( 9 ) Do not shop on your lunch hour, or any time you may be rushed. You need time to make the right choice. You do not want to be too distracted or rushed to make adequate decisions.

( 10 ) Do not be persuaded by a friend to choose a gown you do not truly love. You may be interested in their opinion, but the final decision must be your’s & your’s alone.